Daily Simple Detox Cocktail



We have all tried detoxifying ourselves, generally at the beginning of the year to feel better after all the Christmas excess. However your liver and your detoxification system faces an onslaught everyday.  I’ve been using this formula daily since testing my Detoxification Pathways on my Functional Diagnostics Nutrition Course and finding out just how much liver is struggling [considering that everything in our house is chemical free, our toiletries and cleaning products are chemical free and we eat organically, I don’t drink and have never smoked – yet my levels where is much need of improving]. Sometimes I’ll take my mixture twice a day depending on what I’ve eaten or which chemicals I may have been exposed to.

The Detox Cocktail formula is simple and revs up both phases of the body’s detoxification:

  • 1 Heaped Teaspoon of Vitamin C Powder
  • 300-600mg of Lipoic Acid
  • 400-800mg of Glutathione

Have these with 2 large glasses of water. I have mine on an empty stomach.

I got this formula from  Dr Sherry Rogers in her book Detoxify or Die. It was one of the recommended readings  for my Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coaching 2 qualification.





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