Fermented Food for Health

Yoghurt Honey Breakfast

My clients are always amazed that I want them to eat fermented foods to increase their good bacteria in their digestive systems and increase their enzymes from their foods. I always tell them that in the UK and indeed in many cultures all over the world, this is a age old traditional method of preserving foods that have numerous health benefits. Our Grandparents  knew that you needed to implement these fermented foods into your diet to help some foods digest and also to ensure your immune system and digestive systems remain healthy. This little video below [shot from my phone while watching the show]  is a gem for proving my point.

I was watching Saturday Kitchen cooking show and Rick Stein was intrigued by this Water Buffalo farmer who makes cultured “yoghurt and honey” from her water buffalo milk in the most basic of kitchens everyday. The family gets cultured, enzyme rich yoghurt by adding a fermented culture  straight to the fresh water buffalo milk. Its rich in enzymes and probiotics  that their body can use everyday and they look very healthy to me!

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