Today, after 3 years of looking at the Thekchen Buddhist Centre Meditation leaflet, I made it to my first local Romsey group meditation class. These classes are run locally at different times and a new 30min session will be starting in Southampton City Centre soon.

The Romsey session is at 7pm -8:30pm on Thursdays at the Abbey Hall. I was a little conscious that I had never meditated that long before let alone in a group situation. Turns out there was nothing to worry about. The talk was all about worry and was entitled ” The relief of a quiet mind”. Hahaha.

It wasn’t led by a person wearing Buddist clothing, again I was expecting that. A lovely lady led us through an explanation of what to expect, followed by a brief 15min meditation. The time just wizzes by as you relax into listening to her voice. She then simply discussed what we just experienced and had a brief discussion about the subject for the evening. “The relief of a quiet mind”. This was followed by another 20min meditation and a cup of tea at the end.

It’s a brilliant introduction and also supportive way to learn about meditation and to learn some skills that you can transfer into your daily life.

Give it a try…. http://www.thekchencentre.org/meditation-classes

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