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Optimum Movement - Optimum Function

Optimum Movement

When we coach clients towards Optimum Movement, we seek to enhance all aspects of their function. We use comprehensive assessment strategies to identify weak links which then helps to create unique and individualised corrective exercise and performance training plans.

Some examples what we assess in our comprehensive assessments are:

  • Breathing Analysis
  • Spinal and Pelvic Alignment
  • Movement screening joint by joint
  • Gait Analysis
  • Primal Movement Pattern Evaluation
  • Postural & Flexibility Assessments
  • Core Function Testing
  • Red Flag Identification (these are contraindications to exercise – know which exercises will make things worse)

By assessing and not guessing we are able to isolate any problem areas and use mobilisation, stretches, exercises and sports therapy to integrate these problem areas back into the system. You will notice a reduction in pain, improvement in movement and ultimately your performance will improve as well.

Optimum MovementOptimum MovementOptimum Movement