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SAQ for the Senior Population - Optimum Function

SAQ for the Senior Population


SAQ Ladies

Older females participating in class of SAQ

Fitness and medical professionals alike have repeatedly expressed the huge benefits of exercise for senior populations (50+ years). Regular exercise amongst these populations can elicit many positive responses such as increased cardiovascular function, decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, muscular strength, increased bone density, and increased flexibility to name a few. These exercise benefits have great importance amongst the older populations due to the body’s natural aging process that involves some loss of physiological, neuromuscular and biochemical capabilities.

However, one area that mainstream health and fitness appears to neglect is the importance of speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) training amongst senior populations. A large percentage of injuries that occur amongst this age group are trips and falls, which are primarily, caused by a lack of ability to react quickly enough or stability when changing direction that can occur in everyday life challenges.


Functional Movement combined with SAQ

SAQ training also creates a significant load on the skeletal and muscular system that can help prevent loss of bone density (osteopenia) and loss of muscle mass (atrophy).

Balance, coordination, and reactions that are required to perform effective movement often decrease with age as a result of under-use. Therefore, by conditioning older clients with functional SAQ type training, can provide movement confidence and proficiency that are essential to help prevent falls and maintain essential activities of daily life.

As part of our Spring into Optimum Function season, we will be running small group SAQ (Speed Agility Quickness) sessions on Mondays at 8am for Men and Monday at 9am for Ladies. Other times will also be available. Call us or book via the contacts page.

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