Gareth Andrews

When the Diet Doctors production team told me I was going to have a personal trainer, I didn’t think there would be much they could do in an hour a week. And then I met Liezl, 5 foot of solid muscle with a wonderful personality and sense of humour.

In our first hour together I learned so much about my posture and the areas I needed to correct to ensure that I would be exercising safely and without injury …

The exercises that followed looked amazingly difficult to me, but with Liezl’s guidance, I found I could manage more than I ever thought possible. I also learned to feel which muscles were doing the work and make corrections as I went along.

Having a good Personal Trainer is worth every penny of the investment in time, effort and money. I was lucky, I had the best.

Thank you Liezl, you played a very important part in the huge changes I made to my life during the Diet Doctors programme.