Jodie Williams

When I met Andy I was feeling pretty low. My love for sport and exercise had overcome common sense resulting in me continuing to train despite a knee injury which was gradually getting worse. I was training for a marathon challenge at the time so in my head every session was too important to miss. However, when I got to the point when I was in agony during training I decided to visit my GP for advice. Several months of appointments and scans later, I was forced to pull out of the marathons, not able to run for more than half a mile without pain and was only able to complete low intensity exercise. Furthermore, the NHS had told me that as my cartilage and ligaments were intact there was little else they could do. I was 25 and facing the possibility of not being able to run, play hockey (my other love) or really push myself again.

A couple of friends recommended Andy to me and I can’t thank them enough for doing so.

In the first session Andy assessed how my whole body moved, explaining that just because I was feeling the pain in my knee didn’t mean that it was being caused by my knee. It was amazing to feel how some movements that looked simple were impossible for me, clearly my hatred of spending time stretching after sport had resulted in some very tight muscles. Andy developed a program of stretches for me to follow a few times a week and after a session to go through them let me have a few weeks to practise them. At this point I was prepared to give anything a go if it mean t I might get back to running and hockey. The results were amazing. When Andy reassessed it the way I was moving was visibly different, I was using my hips more, resulting in much less pressure on my knee. It seemed so simple.

Now I have new stretching exercises to complete before I run, they only take 10 minutes and have meant that despite being told I might not be able to run long distance again, I am training for two marathons in 2011 and that’s just the start!