Caaren Dodd

I worked with Liezl leading up to my wedding and I thought it was just going to be for the benefits of getting fitter and leaner for the special day.

Instead what I found is that the experience was a complete body and mind overhaul!  Liezl explained why I had to train a specific way to suit my body type, she did tough training sessions on days I felt strong and she motivated me on days I felt too exhausted to do any exercise so that I came out of the gym feeling great and not run down.

I loved all the variety in the training sessions and the advice when training on my own. I could see such a difference in my silhouette externally but also my fitness and strength. She would also explain why my body needed certain types of food for fuel and I could really tell the difference in my body and mind when I did cut out certain foods that weren’t healthy.

I loved training with Liezl and would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to get fit and healthy – inside and out.