Elise Patey

18 months ago, I was fed up, frustrated with an exercise programme that hadn’t achieved my expectations for noticeable changes to my appearance or substantial weight loss.

My problem was physical, suffering with chronic back pain and subsequent sleep loss, a ruptured Achilles and the usual aches and pains of a 50 year old. I consumed pain killers to endure an exercise class or visit the gym; which was not good for my long term health.

I needed help and engaged Mark, who had the credentials and expertise to help me.  Mark met with me and designed a personal exercise programme based on my body mechanics and physical ability.  We entered a training agreement; my part was to make a commitment involving life style changes, investing my time to achieve the set goals.

Outcome: I have lost 2.5 stone; do not take pain killers and sleep without discomfort from back pain. I feel fitter and have plenty of energy. I am now totally hooked on exercise and healthy living.