Janet Osman

I’ve had an on-going lower back problem since my late 20’s, for which I’d had various treatments over the years from a range of Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Cranial Osteopaths.  Even though these treatments worked in the short term, my back would ‘go’ again and I’d need several treatments to fix it.  This was despite doing plenty of exercise, as well as practising yoga to help my flexibility.

A colleague at work recommended that I contacted Tony at Optimum Function, as he thought several personal training sessions with Tony would help to strengthen my back.  I booked a ‘taster’ lesson with Tony in January and discussed the problems I’d had and he suggested how he could help.  Since then I’ve been doing a one hour session with Tony each week for the last 7 months and have had no back problems since starting training with him.

Tony has helped me to build strength in the specific areas needed, as well as improving my overall fitness and agility.  He pays a huge amount of attention to every movement, makes sure I am doing it in the right way and explains really clearly why this is necessary.  Tony finds the right balance between pushing me to achieve as much as possible, and making it really enjoyable.  I come away from each session with much greater energy than before I went.  I never thought I would enjoy gym work so much, or that it could benefit me so much, but it has!  Thank you to Tony – for being very encouraging, making the sessions good fun and passing on his enthusiasm for fitness.

I’ve now got confidence that my back is fine and I’m no longer nervous about lifting heavy items, as I would have been in the past.  In fact, this is probably the longest period of time in the past 20 years that I haven’t needed any back treatments!

I could thoroughly recommend anyone to see Tony to improve both their fitness, their strength and to help solve postural problems.