Lynn Bayliss

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for 18 years, initially as a group fitness instructor but in more recent years a Leisure Centre Manager, which has restricted my work to a desk. Since I made the change a few years ago the amount of exercise I have taken has drastically reduced, leading to gradual and significant weight gain and a host of postural probelms, including both upper and lower curvatures causing lower back and neck pain. At 46 years old I believed that these things were past rectifying and the best I could hope for was that things didn’t get any worse. How wrong could I have been?

I started the change to my lifestyle slowly with the help of Andy from Optimum Function, just 5 months ago, initially believing that I may drop around half a stone and improve my posture a little. This is not proved the case as I have lost 2 stone, rectified my posture to the point where I don’t have any back pain and significantly improved my neck pain. I have gained “cocktail dress arms” and legs I don’t need to hide under long skirts. I feel stronger and fitter than I did 15 years ago and now hold the belief that I can achieve any fitness goal I want to.

Although I obviously had to put in a lot of hard work to achieve all this and be consistent, I could not have done it without the constant mentoring and motivation Andy provided. Along with meticulous planning of my workouts and his vast depth of knowledge Andy still has the ability to make our sessions fun and varied.

Thanks Andy, you have delivered results for me that I did not believe possible.