Pauline Bull

I am not easily impressed, but Exercise Specialist Liezl has impressed me and she continues to do so. A friend recommended Liezl to me – but as pain was my problem I was not holding my breath for any life transformations, also I was not a gym user and was reluctant to go – as I rather like the outdoors. But after a relatively short period of time, with Liezl’s dedication, my life is transformed – I am OUT OF PAIN for the first time in 35 years. Yes, thirty-five! Since the age of 15 I have suffered with scoliosis of the spine (a slight curvature) giving me constant bouts of agonising back pain – culminating, over the years, in to a degenerative disc in the lower back.

Over many years I have visited over fifty chiropractors Osteopaths and physiotherapist and none have managed to give me pain relief for any length of time. I had thought that the constant pain I was in was unchangeable, but with Liezl’s tuition and amazing eye for detail I am a changed woman.

One hour twice a week with Liezl, concentrating on strengthening my core muscles and building up my overall strength, I find I have a much stronger more stable core and I am completely out of pain. She has also made me acutely aware of my ‘TA’ and the need to have it ‘switch on’ especially when lifting or doing anything that requires the back, which are many movements.

Liezl has a natural ability to teach and make plain the body mechanics and how it affects all one’s functions. She also is highly aware of every muscle in your body during exercise and every angle you are working from, so her eagle eye catches any slight misalignment therefore taking away the risk of injury during the exercise. Her knowledge of nutrition has helped me have more energy – a true professional in every sense and a pleasure to work with, also her smiling face and happy persona is always enlightening and encouraging at 7am on a rainy day.

Thanks to Liezl’s dedication I am now also running most days and playing Badminton again.

Thank you Liezl.