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Testimonials - Nick Twyman - Optimum Function


Nick Twyman

I first met Liezl to see if she could help me break out of a training rut. I was training regularly just to keep weight off and stay fit, but had no real sense of purpose and direction and was losing motivation and so not getting desired results. Worst of all I was no longer having any fun in the gym. After consultation with Liezl we decided to set some clear goals and change both my training and exercise routine and my diet. The results have and continue to be outstanding. I have enjoyed competitive sport all my life and had resigned myself to that being a past era for me! Realising with Liezl’s encouragement, my own passion about performance and with Liezl’s coaching and tailored training programme, I began building a thirst to compete again!

At 50 I entered my first ever triathlon with a view to just finishing. Now after 4 further triathlons in eighteen months I am constantly improving my times with top ten placings in my age category and achieving times ahead of some who are 20 years my junior!

No question Liezl is right – you can achieve anything – and with Liezl you might really surprise yourself!

Side benefits for me have included better posture improved tone increased flexibility & freer movement.

There is no question that due to my revised diet and amazing work out sessions with Liezl I now have higher energy levels and a much sharper outlook. All of which have been very helpful in improving my health and fitness with benefits all across my life be it in my demanding business or at home with my young family. I am and feel fit for purpose! Fit as fifty at seventy is the new challenge! Bring it on!